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Rock Water Flower Essence

rock water flower essenceUsing herbal extracts and natural health supporting products is in a great fashion nowadays, and millions of people around the world are looking for effective and helpful remedies for their chronic diseases or acute conditions. Herbal remedies like tinctures, extracts, powders, or flower essences are in a great demand nowadays. Unfortunately, not many people know about miraculous properties of flower essences. These unique natural products were created a century ago by a prominent British therapist and herbalist Richard Bach, and in our epoch flower essences are being re-discovered again by people of many nations of the world. Information about those natural products is available online and is being searched for by many. (more…)

Mustard Flower Essence

MustardIn a multitude of various herbal remedies and natural solutions for all common health problems and diseases, flower essences have a special place and a special meaning for us. Though not so many people know about miraculous powers of flower essences, and just a few of those have got an opportunity to benefits from the healing effects of the essences, the popularity of these amazing naturals remedies has been increasing lately. There are 38 special flower essences created and designed by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent British therapist and naturopath, who lived in the beginning of the twentieth century. He discovered that a natural remedy made of morning dew collected from flower petals has amazing healing powers, that is how the formulas of Bach’s flower essences were created. (more…)

Honeysuckle Flower Essence

honeysuckleIt is a known fact that our Mother Nature has plenty of special effective solutions and remedies for almost all diseases and health conditions we suffer from. She offers great and powerful remedies to support our health and promote our wellbeing. Unfortunately, not many people heard and know about flower essences. In contrast to numerous other common herbal remedies like herbal infusions, herbal extracts, herbal pills or natural nutrition supplements, this type of natural remedies are not as well marketed and advertised. At the same time, the line of flower essences created and discovered by Dr. Edward Bach, one of the famous British naturopaths and physicians, has a good number of users and admirers. Due to today’s availability of information and the opportunity to purchase these miraculous remedies online, many people around the world enjoyed the chance to benefit from amazing healing powers of flower essences of Dr. Edward Bach. (more…)

Heather Flower Essence

HeatherUnfortunately, not many people know about health benefits and unique healing properties of Bach flower essences. In contrast to such natural products as essential oils, various natural and herbal extracts, herbal teas and infusions, special herbal formulas for a variety of conditions, which are extremely popular and demanded all around the world, flower essences or healing herbs are not as well marketed and widely known as other herbal remedies. They were created by Dr. Edward Bach, a British homeopath and physician who worked at the beginning of the 20th century and is considered to be the Father of flower medicines. He was the first to come up with the idea of collecting morning dew from the plants which he discovered to have excellent healing actions and benefits of the plants. Thus, the  technology of producing Bach’s flower essences is based on this theory. (more…)

Gentian Flower Essence

GentianThe 38 flower essences are known as flower remedies of Dr. Bach, a famous British naturopath and therapist who developed these amazing remedies in order to give us a unique opportunity to support out mental health and look at the world at another angle, positive and optimistic. Unfortunately, Bach flower essences are not very well know, however, those who are wondering about their therapeutic properties and healing effects can find plenty of information online. Moreover, it is possible to order is special online distributors and herbal shops, and try them to see how great they can help to give up bad thoughts and start loving this beautiful world again, to forget our problems and get focused only on the positive things in this life, to feel better and start living full life again. Bach’s flower essences really work, and thousands of people have already experienced that and benefited from the amazing effects of these natural remedies! (more…)

Elm Flower Essence

Elm FlowerIt is not a secret that nowadays, despite the fact that modern medicine offers us amazingly effective technologies and solutions for many health conditions, overwhelming majority of people are looking for natural remedies and the help of our Mother Nature when fighting against one or another disease or illness. Therefore, we prefer using herbal remedies like herbal teas, herbal extracts, various herbal tinctures or blends of natural ingredients instead of the multitude of pharmaceuticals available in our drugstores. Some types of herbal remedies like herbal teas are very well known and widely used around the world since they are easy to be prepared and are well promoted. Some herbal remedies like flower essences are less known and less used. However, unique and very powerful properties of these natural remedies make them very highly valued among those people who know about those. (more…)

Chicory Flower Essence

chicoryMany people are aware about amazing therapeutic effects of natural remedies, therefore, they try to choose the best of those to support and improve their health, or to treat certain health conditions. Herbal remedies like herbal teas (herbal infusions), herbal candies, herbal syrups, herbal tinctures, etc., as well as other natural remedies like plant extracts, plant root or bark powder, flower essences, and others are in great popularity and excellent demand in our times. Actually, flower essences are, probably, the least known and the least promoted natural remedies, and that’s a pity that the amazing effects of these truly miraculous natural remedies are not known by the general public. Flower essences are 38 magic natural extracts created by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent English naturalist and therapist, who obtained those remedies by using morning dew from certain flowers he considered therapeutic.  Flower essences, or flower remedies, can be used to boost our mood, get rid of negative emotions and fear, heal our souls and balance our psychological condition. (more…)

Chestnut Bud Flower Essence

Chestnut Bud38 flower essences are very well promoted and known natural remedies created about 100 years ago by a prominent British naturopath and alternative medicine enthusiast, Dr. Edward Bach. In his palette, there are 38 amazing natural healing colors which can help us strengthen out mental and psychological health, learn to be optimistic, resistive, disciplined, self-confident, strong-willed, and so on. By findings these 38 natural remedies, Dr. Bach gave us a chance to receive magic help from our Mother Nature when we need to get rid of worries and fears, when we are drawing in negative thoughts and addictive behaviors, when we need to learn how to remain controlled and not to get overwhelmed with bad memories from our past, when we lost interest in life or suffer from nostalgia, etc. Bach flower remedies has helped millions of people around the world, so why don’t you join this group of those who learned how to enjoy their life and benefit from healthy spirit and mind? (more…)

Cherry Plum Flower Essence

flower essencesHave you every used flower essences to support your good spirit and mental health? Flower essences are 38 amazing natural remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach almost a century ago, and since those times they are bringing optimism, mental strength, good will, high self-esteem, inspiration, happiness, hope for better, spiritual guidance and support, courage, braveness, self-control, calmness, peacefulness, and many other diving positive feelings that help us move along our life with a smile on our face. Known also as Healing herbs, flower essences are natural extracts received from morning dew collected from one of 38 flowers, and each of the essences has own function and own therapeutic properties discovered and presented to the world by Dr. Bach. Go on reading if you want to know more about cherry plum flower essence and its healing effects. (more…)

Larch Flower Essence

Larch flowerIn the middle of the twentieth century, a new revolutionary method of natural healing was proposed by Dr. Edward Bach, a famous British herbalist and naturopath. He presented to the world his amazing exclusive collection of 38 unique flower essences, a set of new natural treatments to assist people improve their psychological health, achieve balance between their body and mind, remove and ward off most common negative emotions like worry, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and many others. Thousands of people have already tried Bach flower essences as a safe and natural aid to achieve peace of mind and live a healthier and happier life. This unique natural system was highly valued by many experts, as well as approved and adopted by many natural health care practitioners around the world. (more…)