Calamus Tea Benefits

health benefits of calamus teaCalamus herbal tea is a known herbal preparation which is especially popular in China and Russia. Calamus is a medicinal herb which grows in water, near streams, small pounds or lakes, etc. Calamus can be found throughout the Northern hemisphere, from ancient lands of China or warm regions of India to the US and Canada. Health benefits of calamus tea and calamus are mentioned in ancient Chinese manuscripts, and ancient Chinese practitioners were well aware about the therapeutic properties and healing powers of this interesting natural remedy.

In the early 20th century, there was a hypothesis that calamus could cause cancer, due to a high content of isoasarone, that is why for some time it was banned as a carcinogenic herb. However, several decades ago it was found out that calamus herbal tea compounds do not actually cause cancer and this natural remedy can be used by everyone. To enjoy calamus tea benefits, you should get 2 teaspoons of dried organic calamus roots and leaves, and steep those in boiling water for about 15 minutes. This is one of the herbal remedies that is recommended to be consumed before the mealtime.

The main health benefits of calamus tea embrace stimulating our digestive function and preventing minor digestive problems. This natural remedy can be recommended to those who suffer from chronic stomach ages. Besides, calamus tea is one of the best known herbal remedies for bloating, flatulence and meteorism.Calamus Tea Benefits In addition to that, calamus tea benefits embrace excellent spasmodic properties, therefore, this natural remedy can be used to calm down and prevent stomach crams and spasms. Calamus tea can play a role of a very powerful natural appetite enhancer.

In traditional Chinese medicine, calamus tea was known as an effective solution to treat chest congestion and related health conditions like bronchitis. Actually calamus tea is considered very good for all sorts of respiratory system infections and ailments as it has the platycodon compounds which are especially effective for treating laryngitis. The mentioned health benefits of calamus tea can serve well to those who are heavy smokers, because this natural remedy can relieve the toxic burden on lungs caused by a regular tobacco usage, as well as can assist in combating the nasty tobacco dependence.

Calamus tea benefits can be used by those who suffer from high fever as this natural remedy has very good febrifuge properties. Finally, in Oriental folk medicine possesses quite a few recipes for homemade remedies to reduce eye infection and irritation. The most commonly used of those include using calamus infusion in conjunction with chrysanthemum flower infusion and lycii fruit. This herbal preparation can be used as an eyewash.

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