Basil Oil Benefits

BasilBasil oil is one of those commonly used aromatherapy oils which have centuries of history of successful application. Basil is extensively used in cooking as one of the most popular spices that goes great with a great variety of meals, and basil oil is considered “a king spice” since the times of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Originating from the Mediterranean region, basil is an essential element of famous Mediterranean diet, and a plant known for plenty of amazing health benefits. It is interesting that basil extracts and basil oil are natural ingredients used extensively in cosmetics and body care products, but they are highly valued not only for improving our beauty, but also for supporting our cognitive abilities, concentration, positive thinking, and so on. Basil oil is a natural product, an oil with amazing sweet aroma used in aromatherapy and loved by thousands of women around the world. Go on reading this article to learn more about health benefits of basil oil.

First of all, this natural product is known for its excellent natural sedative powers. It can assist in anxiety reduction, calming down nervousness, improving sleep, and relieving other common effects of stresses. Another important batch of health benefits of this natural product embraces its natural power to strengthen our mental abilities, increase clarity and boost our abilities to focus. Some studies have shown that using basil oil can be beneficial for reducing the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, but further research is needed to find stronger scientific evidence to the fact. Basil OilFinally, this oil is often use as an effective natural energizer, as well as a natural solution to such common health condition as chronic fatigue syndrome. The mentioned are the recommendations for using basil oil as one of aromatherapy oils, and the most common uses of this natural product include adding it to bath, using as a massage oil, or using it in any diffuser like aromalamps, steamers, etc.

It is also reported that a topical use of basil oil (i.e. any aromatherapy approach) can be a very good support for those who suffer from arthritis, muscle and joint pains, sore muscles, and other related problems. Basil oil has excellent natural analgesic and pain relieving properties which can work great for those who have allergies and can not take traditional painkillers. In addition, using high quality basil oil is an excellent solution to improve our skin health. This natural remedy can assist in moisturizing and nourishing our skin, make it firmer, smoother, softer, and much healthier. Basil oil is an oil to support nail and hair health as well. It helps not only strengthening hair and nails, but also can be beneficial for scalp massages as it works great for healing small wounds and cuts on the scalp, this way creating a perfect environment for hair follicle development and healthy hair shafts formation. Try this unique natural product if you’re suffering from hair loss, brittle hair or nails, and other related problems.

Another important health benefits of basil oil is its effective anti-inflammatory action. For decades this natural extract is recommended to those who are suffering from respiratory system disorders and experience the symptoms of common cold, the flu, etc. Combined with antispasmodic actions of basil oil, it can work perfectly well to calm down whooping or chronic coughs, reducing headaches, stimulating lung activities, and speeding up total recovery. It can be used as a gargle or as one of aromatherapy oils. Anti-inflammatory properties of basil oil are reported to be effective for prevention various common infections including the ones of bladder, ears, eyes, skin, and so on. By adding some fresh basil or aromatic basil oil to your meals you can enjoy excellent natural carminative properties of this natural remedy, proven to be very effective in preventing such conditions as indigestion, flatulence, constipation, stomach cramps, and others. Finally, basil oil is known as one of the best natural stimulants that works great for improving blood circulation, preventing vascular problems and strengthening our overall health.

If you want to try the effects of this natural remedy and possibly combine it with other aromatherapy oils you usually use, read this article to obtain some helpful information.

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