Asparagus Root Extract

AsparagusAsparagus plant (asparagus officinalis) is a known medicinal plant and valuable source of essential natural nutrients. For the last decade, asparagus has become a trend of healthy nutrition market, and those who are trying to follow the rules of healthy eating have introduced this amazing and very delicious food to their daily diet. However, not many people are aware about unique and very powerful health benefits of asparagus. Though actually asparagus is considered native to the Mediterranean region, this plant has been used for centuries as an effective and powerful medicinal herb by the practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine and other national medicines of the Far East. In Ayurveda, asparagus products including asparagus root extract are known as Shatavari products. In Europe, the extract has been used and known as a very good natural remedy for hangover, and only recently European therapists started paying a proper attention to other health benefits of this natural remedy.

Asparagus root extract is available in the form of powder, as well as in capsules or pills. It is possible to purchase this product online from many known dealers, but it is important to use only high quality product in order to guarantee positive effects and maximize the benefits. Primarily, asparagus root extract is known for its excellent antioxidant properties, and a few studies, including the one published in the Journal of Neural Transmission in 2004, have proven the properties of this product to prevent negative effects linked to cell oxidation. Thus, asparagus root extract can be used to prevent cancer cell formation and slow down all other negative effects linked to aging. In the same year, another related study appeared in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Asparagus Root Extractproving very strong immune function stimulating properties of this extract. The researchers underlined a really great potential of asparagus root extract as an effective natural immune-stimulant, saying that using this unique natural remedy can be a great solution to reduce general mortality in today’s world.

Being a good diuretic and detoxification stimulant is another known property of asparagus root extract which has been known since early times and very highly valued by doctors in many countries and continents. Knowing that this natural product is good for liquid removal, a few scientific groups carried out their studies and experiments trying to confirm or disconfirm the fact that this extract can be used to prevent and possibly treat kidney stones. Positive findings as to this phenomena were recently published in Indian Journal of Pharmacology (in 2012). The extract also has very good restorative, cleansing, and refreshing properties, so it can be recommended to those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, minor digestive disorders, as well as for those who want to remove excessive salt and toxins from the body by using natural solutions.

Traditionally, in China asparagus root products were used to reduce blood pressure and purify blood. Therefore, many naturopaths of modern times recommend this remedy as a natural protection against numerous cardiovascular diseases which are very common nowadays. Such properties of asparagus as reducing pain were discovered quite recently, and it is advices to use asparagus root powder for reducing muscle and joint pains related to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This natural product can be used to improve bladder and liver health. It is reported that the extract can be used as a natural anti-inflammatory and even antibiotic agent to treat the conditions like urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and so on. Finally, since asparagus is considered to be quite powerful natural aphrodisiac, it can be a good idea to use asparagus root extract in order to increase potency, both in men and women, and even treat infertility.

If you want to use the opportunity to enjoy the above mentioned benefits of this natural product and are looking for tips on how to buy a high quality asparagus root extract, visit this page to find some interesting information.

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