Arometharapy Massage

Aromatherapy EssencesAromatherapy massage is a type of manual therapy which involves using essential oils, aromatherapy essences and extracts, along with special massage oils and lotions based on 100% natural organic herbal materials. It is one of the most common and demanded procedures in modern spa. Therapists recommend aromatherapy massages very frequently, because herbal essences and essential oils used for such massages have numerous therapeutic effects and healing properties.

There are several types of aromatherapy massages which employ various essential oils and have various healing effects, from energizing to calming and relaxing. That is why expects distinguish energizing massages (using rosemary oil), calming massages (using lavender oil or chamomile oil), cleansing massages (using sage oil or rosemary oil), Aromatherapy Massagerelaxing massages (using lemon oil or melissa extracts), decongesting massages (using eucalyptus oil, pine tree extracts or tea tree oil), and several more types of aromatherapy massages.

During a seance of aromatherapy massage, we receive double effects. In addition to physical stimulation and relaxation, we inhale the molecules of essential oils and herbal extracts that are used for massage and excite our limbic system, which is connected with our nervous system. This way therapeutic aromas influence our emotions and feelings, as well as potentially improve our memory, cognition, blood pressure, heart rate, stress sensitivity, digestion, immunity and so on. In addition, essential oils can be absorbed by our skin and distributed throughout the body by bloodstream.

Talk to your health care specialist about aromatherapy massages and learn, what particular herbal essences and oils can be good for improving your overall health. Remember that is it possible to apply the selected essential oils (or a blend of several essential oils and aromatherapy essences) for self-massage. Do such aromatherapy self-massages on a regular basis and see how your health and well-being will improve: you will forget about insomnia, stresses and depression, allergies, respirator problems and many other unwanted health conditions.

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