Anti-Cancer Chamomile Tea Benefits Discovered

Chamomile TeaArguably, chamomile can be called one of the most known and most commonly used medicinal herb. Its numerous benefits have been known for centuries in various alternative medicines and traditional herbal medicines of many nations, starting from the United States and ending up with Traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used in the form of herbal infusion (herbal tea), tincture, poultice, and even essential oil extracted from this miraculous plant. Chamomile infusion is considered to be among the most popular and the most consumed herbal teas on earth. Read more about chamomile tea health benefits for skin and digestive system in this article. Chamomile essential oil is considered to be one of the safest and the nutrient richest essential oils, and you can learn more about its benefits after reading the article here. Chamomile can be used as a truly powerful natural remedy for many health conditions, both for treating and preventing those.

It is recently reported that new amazing properties of chamomile tea were discovered by a group of scientists at Ohio State University. During their study, they managed to find scientific evidence and prove the fact that by having a cup or two of chamomile tea a day we can reduce our cancer risks. According to the scientists, the discovered anti-cancer effects can be attributed to a chemical called apigenin which can stop destructive processes linked with oxidative stress in cells and slow down cancer cells development. In particular, the scientists tested the effects of apigenin on breast cancer cell formation, known as quite aggressive type of cancer. Chamomile Tea EffectsHowever, after special apigenin treatment breast cancer cells became less active and at the same time more sensitive to drug therapy which is commonly used in case of breast cancer. In addition to chamomile tea and chamomile products, apigenin can be found as a natural ingredient in such vegetables as celery, in such greens as parsley, as well as in many foods commonly consumed in the framework of the Mediterranean diet.

During the study, it became apparent to the scientists that the substance can also act as a very effective natural anti-inflammatory agent. It took additional experiments and analysis for the researchers to look closer at the mechanisms of apigenin effects which can in brief be put to the following: the substance helps proteins in our cells to fix the imbalances and abnormalities in our genes known as RNA. Such abnormalities are responsible for about 80 per cent of cancer cases. As the research has demonstrated, apigenin can bond with about 160 proteins in the body, and after seeing this tendency, the scientist came up with the hypothesis that other nutrients with anti-cancer properties can have similar kind of properties and mechanisms of protecting us against this terrible disease. In contrast to those, most of the pharmaceuticals are designed to bond only with one molecule or molecule type.

At that, the scientists discovered that apigenin can bond with protein known as hnRNPA2. It has a huge influence on DNA, and the abnormalities linked to these bonds usually cause cancer. The researchers witnessed the process when apigenin restored proper function of hnRNPA2 protein and restored developing normal breast cells instead of cancerous ones. Ohio University scientists are convinced that the discovered mechanisms can offer new benefits that go beyond anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.  And they recommend everyone who is concerned and looking for cancer protection nutrients to add to their daily diet chamomile tea and other natural sources of apigenin. It is also reported that a new study has been initiated in order to test the newly discovered benefits of chamomile on mice and see how apigenin can destroy cancer cells in these animals.

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