Angelica Essential Oil

health benefits of angelica oilAngelica Essential Oil is a common natural extract distilled from the roots (sometimes also from leaves, stems and seeds) of Angelica archangelica or Angelica officinalis. This oil is widely used in many northern countries like North Ireland, Iceland, Scandinavian nations, Russia, and so on. It is produced by steam distillation, has quite strong woody, spicy and refreshing aroma, and this oil has a property to get darkened with time. Historically, this oil was very effectively used in the Medieval ages to treat and prevent bubonic plague. Therefore, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial health benefits of angelica oil have been known for many centuries.

Besides, angelica essential oil is highly valued for its tonic and stimulant properties which can be used to improve our general health and well being. This natural product plays a role among the best herbal remedies to stimulate natural detoxification of the body, and using this essential oil as a part of your aromatherapy program can help you improve blood circulation,angelica essential oil remove toxic substances from your body, boost the function of your digestive system, stimulate the function of your respiratory system, as well as improve your skin health and strengthen protective functions of your immune system.

Stomachic health benefits of angelica oil can assist those people who suffer from various digestive problems like gastritis, enteritis, anorexia, dyspepsia, a lack of appetite, peptic ulcers, and others. There is persuasive evidence that this essential oil has good febrifuge properties meaning that this natural extract can be used to decrease fever and speed up the recovery after various types of infections. Angelica oil can be recommended as an effective and side effects free natural blood purifier. Expectorant properties of this herbal remedy can assist when treating the symptoms of lung infections, asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis, the common cold, and so on.

By using angelica essential oil, it is possible to tone the liver function and prevent various liver disprders, relax muscle spasms and menstrual cramps, stimulate urination and lower the risks of cataracts. It is necessary to mention that such health benefits of angelica oil as sedative and relaxant activities are considered quite powerful, and those who suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, apathy, nervous tension and other symptoms of stresses can try this natural product. Angelica essential oil goes perfectly well with patchouli essential oil, geranium essential oil, lavender essential oil, basil essential oil, chamomile essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, lemon essential oil, and mandarin essential oil.

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