Almond Essential Oil

almond oil benefitsAlmond essential oil is received by steam distillation from bitter almond kernel (Amygdalus Communis var. Amara). It plays an important role in aromatherapy and has wide use in cosmetics. In particular, being a less expensive alternative to high quality olive oil, almond essential oil is very often used for skin care and hair care, and it can be used as a base oil for many massage blends. Almond oi can be perfectly blend with jojoba essential oil, orange essential oil, avocado essential oil, apricot kernel essential oil and other essential oils and herbal extracts.

Almond oil has three major chemical components: Hydrogen Cyanide, Benzaldehyde, and Glycoside Amygdalin. In addition, this essential oil is rich in vitamins, including vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E, as well as a number of monosaturtaed fatty acids.  Almond oil benefits embrace emollient, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal,  diuretic, protective, vermifuge, anesthetic, antispasmodic, sedative, moisturuzing and other numerous therapeutic powers of this natural product. It is essential to remember that almond essential oil is considered to be very toxic, that is why it is recommended to use it only under supervision of a specialist.

The most common use of this natural product is applying it directly to the skin. It effectively nourishes and protects the skin from excessive UV light, makes it soft and elastic, revives its natural glow, balanced water retention and prevent dehydration. Also, almond oil can be used to treat various skin diseases and infections including eczema, dermatitis, skin irritations, itching, inflammations and so on. This oil has very soft and gentle action, that is why it can be used to treat sensitive skin, as well as skin of children and teenagers.

Almond Essential OilOther almond oil benefits include all possible types of uses of this natural product against the germs, infections, intestinal worms, bacteria, fungi and so on. Almond essential oil is a great agent to reduce fevers and relieve muscle spasms. It has excellent diuretic and purgative properties, therefore it can be used to normalize the function of kidneys and prevent constipation. However, remember that using this natural product orally is linked to high risks and dangers.

Almond oil is also famous with its anti-cancer properties and can protect us against many types of cancer. This extract cans stimulate detoxification properties  and processes in the body, this way speeding up removal of dangerous toxins and wastes. Finally, almond essential oil is one of the best herbal remedies for treating brittle and weak nails, regulating sweating and urination, normalizing blood pressure, relieving the symptoms of stresses and nervous tension, and so on. Talk to your doctor or a health care specialist about using almond oil benefits to promote your health and longevity.

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