African Mango Extract

African MangoFor the last two years, African mango extract has earned a reputation of a popular but a little controversial natural help for weight loss. The situation peaked in 2011 when the African mango extract along with green coffee bean extract became a recommendation by famous Dr. Mehmet Oz whose word is very much important for forming public opinion about one or another natural remedy or treatment. Dr Oz based his opinion about African mango extract as an effective weight loss solution on the findings of some clinical studies including the one by the researchers from at the University of Yaounde in Cameroon dated March 2009 and reported in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease. However, a lot is told about the adverse effects of this natural extract. Let’s try to understand the benefits and possible risks of using this natural weight loss solution.

As it becomes clear from the name, African mango extract is a natural product received from the seed of African mango. The fruit itself is quite rare and can be found only in some specific areas of African continent, including Cameroon, Guinea, and others. The similar kind of extract and mango fruits have been used by African people for the benefits which go far beyond just weight loss support. African Mango ExtractNutritional values of African mango include low amounts of glucose and high content of vitamin B complex, which are known for their properties to speed up metabolism and stimulating fat loss. Those are the effects which contribute to more effective wight loss, that is why this extract is a very powerful remedy for those who want to reduce body mass and remain fit. However, as the studies have shown, there is one more property of African mango: this fruit contributes to slowing down glucose ingestion on the body which is also very good for weight loss.

In addition to vitamin B complex and proteins, African mango extract is also rich in healthy fatty acids including oleic acid, lauric acid, stearic acid, myristic acid, and others. It is a known fact that healthy fats assist in bad cholesterol reduction, thus work from protecting us against mant common serious health conditions, including heart attach, a stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Cholesterol lowering effects of this natural extract were studied by some research groups, and these properties of Afrocan mango extract have quite solid scientific prove. That is why using this extract can play a role of natural help to those who need to lower cholesterol. Finally, African mango extract is rich in beta-carotene, one of the most known antioxidants, which can also offer good cancer-prevention and aging postponing properties. Those who want to enjoy amazing effects of African mango extract can buy this product in the form of dietary supplement. However, it is highly recommended to avoid any treatment or using this extract before talking to a health care specialist!

According to the findings of previously mentioned studies and researches, using African mango extract can realy lead to weight loss and reducing body mass. However, a great deal of the participants demonstrated the signs like flatulence, headaches, sleep problems, and others after using this natural product. A study by the scientific group from Fairfield, California-based Gateway Health Alliances, was specifically focused on studying side effects of African mango extract, and the warning findings were published in the “Sydney Morning Herald”. After that, there are plenty of warnings can be found online about possible adverse effects of using this natural remedy. However, most of the experts are convinced that by talking to a professional health care specialist it is possible to effectively evaluate the chances of suffering from possible side effects, and make a decision about the risks linked with using this natural weight loss aid. Also, make sure to use only a high quality product purchased from a highly reputable company producer. Use internet to make sure that the product you’re planning to use is high quality.

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