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Spearmint Leaf Tea

spearmintSpearmint is one of the best choice for a chef, and this type of mint has long years of being used in medical traditions of many nations of the world. Spearmint is known as garden mint or common mint, and its amazing bright green color is used to decorate various desserts, salads, bakery, jams, jellies, and many other dishes. Spearmint has a great deal of therapeutic powers and health benefits, and it is recommended to use this natural remedy for plenty of conditions, both for treating and for prevention. Spearmint leaf tea is known as one of the most common forms to benefit from organic spearmint. Go on reading to learn more about this aromatic refreshing herbal tea. (more…)

Rosehip Oil Benefits

Rosehip OilRosehip oil is one of the newest developed essential oils which actually has gained a great popularity nowadays. It is a natural product distilled from rosehip fruit seeds, and just like every essential oil it has unique and very powerful healing effects. Rosehip seed oil is extensively produced in Chile, and the best examples of this natural product can be purchased from a Chilean manufacturer.  It is not a volatile oil, and the technology of producing it is quite expensive, that is why the best quality rosehip seed oil can be a little more costly comparing to other essential oils commonly used in aromatherapy or beauty care. At the same time, the effects of this oil for skin care are considered simply incredible! (more…)

Mustard Flower Essence

MustardIn a multitude of various herbal remedies and natural solutions for all common health problems and diseases, flower essences have a special place and a special meaning for us. Though not so many people know about miraculous powers of flower essences, and just a few of those have got an opportunity to benefits from the healing effects of the essences, the popularity of these amazing naturals remedies has been increasing lately. There are 38 special flower essences created and designed by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent British therapist and naturopath, who lived in the beginning of the twentieth century. He discovered that a natural remedy made of morning dew collected from flower petals has amazing healing powers, that is how the formulas of Bach’s flower essences were created. (more…)

Asparagus Root Extract

AsparagusAsparagus plant (asparagus officinalis) is a known medicinal plant and valuable source of essential natural nutrients. For the last decade, asparagus has become a trend of healthy nutrition market, and those who are trying to follow the rules of healthy eating have introduced this amazing and very delicious food to their daily diet. However, not many people are aware about unique and very powerful health benefits of asparagus. Though actually asparagus is considered native to the Mediterranean region, this plant has been used for centuries as an effective and powerful medicinal herb by the practitioners of Traditional Chinese medicine and other national medicines of the Far East. In Ayurveda, asparagus products including asparagus root extract are known as Shatavari products. In Europe, the extract has been used and known as a very good natural remedy for hangover, and only recently European therapists started paying a proper attention to other health benefits of this natural remedy. (more…)