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Herbal Tea Essentials

Joy of Drinking Herbal Teas

Herbal TeaThere’s nothing better than a refreshing cup of herbal tea. People all over the world are experimenting with different types of tea to discover the health benefits and delicious flavours available. Herbal tea, or tisanes, are not a new phenomenon. There are records dating back to ancient history showing the use of medicinal and herbal teas.

It can be a little overwhelming for a new tea drinker to select from the wall of teas available at many supermarkets and specialty stores. To make matters more challenging, there are many tea blends that combine 2 or more herbs in the one tea mixture.

To help you join the millions of people around the world who choose healthy drinks for better lifestyle, we have put together this beginner guide to the best herbal teas to try. (more…)

Mate Tea

Mate TeaMate tea is a well known therapeutic beverage which is widely used and loved for many centuries in the countries of its origin, including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and other nations of South America. It is sometimes called yerba mate tea, St. Bartholemew’s Tea,¬† Paraguay Tea, Jesuit’s Brazil Tea, or chimarr√£o tea. The therapeutic beverage has got its fame for very high content of caffeine, and it is prepared from the leaves of mate tea which can be found in many regions of South America, as well as in some areas in the Middle East. It is interesting that traditionally, in South America countries mate tea is served with a special massive silver straw (called a masassa or a bombilla), because this herbal infusion is usually prepared by using plenty of dried material, so the straw allows enjoying the tea while it is hot and the dried leaves are still on the top of the beverage. As a rule, for preparing the beverage the dried, chopped and properly selected mate tree leaves are used. (more…)

Vanilla Essential Oil

VanillaVanilla essential oil can not be named among the most known and the most commonly demanded natural products. At the same time, this oil plays an important role in aromatherapy since it has a distinguishing, sweet, rich, and very strong aroma. It is extracted from the bean of Vanilla plant (Vanilla planifolia), known also as common vanilla, Bourbon vanilla, or Mexican vanilla, by using the technology of solvent extraction. Though vanilla oil is less common than vanilla extract or other natural products made from this plant’s natural materials, the essential oil has been known in South America and the Far East for many centuries. This natural product has a great number of health benefits and is very highly valued by most of naturopaths and healthy lifestyle fans. Therefore, the uses of vanilla essential oil go far beyond just culinary purposes. (more…)