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Chicory Flower Essence

chicoryMany people are aware about amazing therapeutic effects of natural remedies, therefore, they try to choose the best of those to support and improve their health, or to treat certain health conditions. Herbal remedies like herbal teas (herbal infusions), herbal candies, herbal syrups, herbal tinctures, etc., as well as other natural remedies like plant extracts, plant root or bark powder, flower essences, and others are in great popularity and excellent demand in our times. Actually, flower essences are, probably, the least known and the least promoted natural remedies, and that’s a pity that the amazing effects of these truly miraculous natural remedies are not known by the general public. Flower essences are 38 magic natural extracts created by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent English naturalist and therapist, who obtained those remedies by using morning dew from certain flowers he considered therapeutic.  Flower essences, or flower remedies, can be used to boost our mood, get rid of negative emotions and fear, heal our souls and balance our psychological condition. (more…)

Malt Extract Uses And Side Effects

What Is Malt ExtractMany of us have heard about malt extract and its uses as a dietary supplement to treat certain health conditions. However, not many people know for sure the answers to the question, what is malt extract, how good can it be for our health, what kind of diseases it can treat and ward off, and what kind of side effects are linked to talking this interesting natural remedy. What you should keep in mind if you are wondering about the issue is the fact that actually there are two types of malt extract: dry malt extract and liquid malt extract. Both of them are well know and have been used for over a century. Dry malt extract is very often used in the brewing of beer as a part of “malting” process, or the stage of breaking down complex sugars into simple sugars. Liquid malt extract can also be used in producing beer, as well as making whiskey. Both dry or liquid types of malt extract can also be used as a dietary supplement which can provide our body with plenty of essential nutrients, this way bring plenty of benefits to our health. (more…)

Essential Oils For Warts

Home Remedies For WartsA great number of people suffer from such a problem as warts, known in scientific circles as a skin disorder caused by an HPV virus (human papillomavirus), which stimulates growth of extra cells of the upper layers of human skin. According to the experts from WebMD, there are a few types of warts ( including common warts, plantar warts, filiform warts, flat warts, etc.) caused by one of over 100 types of the virus. Generally, HPV attacks teenagers and young adults. Though warts can appear on any skin area, they mostly grow on hands, legs, face, neck, and shoulders. Warts are not considered a serious problem, and as a rule, they tend to disappear by their own in a month or two. However, there are quite a lot of situations when warts grow into really ugly skin formations, and possibly bring certain discomfort to the person. That is the time to seek for some medical help and use some effective treatments. Most of the people who have warts prefer trying natural solutions and home remedies for warts since they are known for their soft but stable effects. Besides, natural remedies are usually side effects free. (more…)

Matcha Green Tea Benefits

matcha green teaMany true tea lovers can confirm my words that drinking matcha green tea is a trend of the latest years. Though yet not too very well known around the world, matcha green tea has already got its true fans in many countries of the world. If you have never heard and do not really know what is matcha green tea, you should know that it is nothing else but regular green tea powder which is used for making tea instead of regular dried tea leaves. Though this type of green tea usage is quite a new thing for many countries of Europe and both Americas, matcha tea has been used for many centuries in Japan and China. It is very often used for traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, as well as for other culinary purposes, including playing a role of great natural food coloring, and others. It has been produced and used in China since the times of the Tang Dynasty, from the 7th to 10th centuries BC. (more…)