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Basil Oil Benefits

BasilBasil oil is one of those commonly used aromatherapy oils which have centuries of history of successful application. Basil is extensively used in cooking as one of the most popular spices that goes great with a great variety of meals, and basil oil is considered “a king spice” since the times of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Originating from the Mediterranean region, basil is an essential element of famous Mediterranean diet, and a plant known for plenty of amazing health benefits. It is interesting that basil extracts and basil oil are natural ingredients used extensively in cosmetics and body care products, but they are highly valued not only for improving our beauty, but also for supporting our cognitive abilities, concentration, positive thinking, and so on. Basil oil is a natural product, an oil with amazing sweet aroma used in aromatherapy and loved by thousands of women around the world. Go on reading this article to learn more about health benefits of basil oil. (more…)

Cherry Plum Flower Essence

flower essencesHave you every used flower essences to support your good spirit and mental health? Flower essences are 38 amazing natural remedies created by Dr. Edward Bach almost a century ago, and since those times they are bringing optimism, mental strength, good will, high self-esteem, inspiration, happiness, hope for better, spiritual guidance and support, courage, braveness, self-control, calmness, peacefulness, and many other diving positive feelings that help us move along our life with a smile on our face. Known also as Healing herbs, flower essences are natural extracts received from morning dew collected from one of 38 flowers, and each of the essences has own function and own therapeutic properties discovered and presented to the world by Dr. Bach. Go on reading if you want to know more about cherry plum flower essence and its healing effects. (more…)

Grapeseed Extract Benefits

Benefits of Grapeseed ExtractGrapes and grapeseed products are traditionally used in the modern world as very effective natural remedies for a variety of conditions. The tradition of using wine and its therapeutic properties originates from the Mediterranean region, and nowadays, people around the world are using high quality wine and grapeseed extract as good sources of natural antioxidants and other natural nutrients to serve for disease healing and prevention. Grapeseed extract is a natural product extracted from organic red wine grape seeds, and it is very important to use only high quality product from the most reputable or known producers. Undoubtedly, grapeseed extract benefits are derived from very rich content of this amazing natural remedy. Studies have shown that this natural product is rich in proteins, lipids, natural antioxidants known as polyphenols, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and some other important nutrients. (more…)

Senna Tea Benefits

SennaSenna (Cassia Angustifolia) is a shrub originating from the Mediterranean region and the Middle East, and in local nations it has been used as an ornamental plant since the times of Ancient Egypt. However, in the rest of the world senna is very highly valued for its medicinal effects and healing properties. This natural ingredient is used for preparing various natural home made remedies like herbal teas, herbal mixture, herbal tinctures, and so on. As a rule, the leaves and flowers of senna are collected for harvesting therapeutic effects and properties of this plant. Numerous studies were conducted in order to look close at healing powers of senna, which have also proven this natural remedy being quite safe and suitable to be used by virtually everyone. That is why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved senna extracts and other remedies with senna for a variety of uses in medicine. (more…)

Henna Oil Benefits

Henna productsHenna essential oil is one of the oils traditionally used in aromatherapy and hair care by many women around the world. This amazing product has literally centuries of history, and the first documents proving the use of henna extract as an excellent natural hair health support are dated by as early as the times of Ancient Egypt and Byzantine civilizations. Henna and henna oil were also highly valued by other early empires and civilizations, including the Sumerian, Assyrian, Ugaritic, and others. This plant originates from the Mediterranean region and very commonly used by modern women in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Italy, Bulgaria, and other nationalities for hair care. Fortunately, thanks to modern technological developments including the world wide web, high quality henna oil and other henna products have become available around the world to the women who value natural remedies and want to benefits from their special amazing natural effects. (more…)