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Larch Flower Essence

Larch flowerIn the middle of the twentieth century, a new revolutionary method of natural healing was proposed by Dr. Edward Bach, a famous British herbalist and naturopath. He presented to the world his amazing exclusive collection of 38 unique flower essences, a set of new natural treatments to assist people improve their psychological health, achieve balance between their body and mind, remove and ward off most common negative emotions like worry, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and many others. Thousands of people have already tried Bach flower essences as a safe and natural aid to achieve peace of mind and live a healthier and happier life. This unique natural system was highly valued by many experts, as well as approved and adopted by many natural health care practitioners around the world. (more…)

Lemon Extract Benefits

Lemon ExtractLemon extract is one of the most commonly used and the best known natural extracts. It can be purchased in virtually every beauty shop grocery shop, and even supermarket, but most of the housewives easily do such extract in their kitchens to be sure that they use only 100 percent organic and high quality product. Lemon extract can be used in cooking, making salads and desserts, as well as for a great number of medicinal purposes. Many herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners talk about plenty of lemon extract benefits though for most of us the properties of lemons are limited only to anti-inflammatory and whitening effects of this natural remedy. However, there is a lot more to know, and those of you who want to learn more about amazing healing powers and possible uses of organic lemon extract should go on reading this article. (more…)

Lemon Verbena Tea

Lemon VerbenaLemon verbena tea is getting more and more popular nowadays, though it is very often thought to be something like one of the oldest folk remedies of our grandma’s. Lemon verbena tea is an infusion of green leaves of verbena plant (Aloysia Tryphilla), a medicinal herb originating from Argentina, Brazil, Peru, and other regions of South America, though nowadays it is cultivated almost all around the world. Verbena also plays a role as a culinary spice which is quite commonly used in French, Spanish, Italian cuisines, along with culinary tradition of other countries of the Mediterranean and South American nations. Verbena is widely used for preparing salads, stuffed dishes, grains, desserts and beverages since it has very strong characteristic aroma and flavor of citrus fruits. Lemon verbena tea or herbal infusion is very easy to be prepared, and it allows us enjoy numerous benefits of this amazing medicinal herb. (more…)

Thyme Essential Oil

ThymeThyme oil is one of the basic essential oils which has been used for many centuries in natural medicine. With its amazing and unique healing powers and therapeutic properties, it has been one of the primary essential oils that has become a part of natural medicines of the Mediterranean region nations like Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Italy, and others. This oil is received by steam or water distillation from fresh or dry leaves and flowers of thyme (Thymus vulgaris), sometimes known as red thyme. This is a versatile oil of amber color, with quite strong herbal aroma. In our times, thyme oil has a vast variety of uses: it plays a role as an important ingredient of various cosmetic products, is used in special essential oil blends for aromatherapy, and it is highly valued as a natural element of various homemade remedies and treatments, especially for skin and hair health. (more…)