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Centaury Flower Essence

centaury flowerFlower essences are amazing gifts of our mother nature which can be used by all modern people to support their psychological and mental health, avoid depression and keep optimistic in this life, improve own perception of this world, gain new inner strength and obtain more self-determination, see more light in this life and enjoy every single day of living in this world. Flower essences are obtained from the dew collected from the petals of various flowers, which give tender aroma and absolutely amazing healing powers to these natural remedies. The essences are natural safe solutions, totally free from side effects and cause no unwanted reactions, good for everyone and very effective for a wide variety of health conditions. (more…)

Japanese Knotweed Extract

Japanese KnotweedJapanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspidatum) is a large perennial plant originating from Japan, Korea and China. Nowadays, it is being cultivated in Europe and North America, mainly as a decorative plant. Known also as monkeyweed, monkey fungus, Himalayan fleece vine, or fleeceflower, Japanese knotweed is a representative of the Polygonaceae family of plants with the appearance of bamboo. The plant can get over 12 feet tall and is very tolerant to hot temperatures. The blossoms of the tree are beautiful white clusters of small flowers, which are very highly valued by beekeepers as great sources of honey. Young stems of Polygonum cuspidatum used to be considered edible and played a role of a nutritious addition to vegetable salads. (more…)

Jasmine Tea Benefits

Jasmine Green TeaJasmine flavored tea is definitely one of the most amazing beverages with incredible mesmerizing aroma, tender and romantic. Jasmine (known as jessamine in some Asian countries) is a flowering shrub with beautiful white flowers. Picked in the morning and processed further in correspondence to their possible use, jasmine flowers and their extracts are commonly used in perfumery and cosmetics, as well as play a role as culinary aromatic agent for wines, other alcoholic beverages, and some types of desserts. Jasmine is extensively cultivated in France and Italy, the nations with very advanced traditions of both perfumery and wine industry. Jasmine flower tea and jasmine green tea are extremely popular in modern China and Japan, where this kind of tea is consumed in great amounts and serve for many other traditional purposes. It is an important element of famous tea ceremony, and also can be used during religious ceremonies. (more…)

Perilla Oil Benefits

Perilla OilPerilla oil is one of the special therapeutic herbal extracts which is used in folk medicines of South East Asia nations like Korea, Japan, China, India, Laos, Vietnam, and others. Perilla oil is a natural product extracted from perilla herb (Perilla frutescens),a member of Mint family,  which grows in plenty in tropical regions of the Northern hemisphere. In our times, it is cultivated also in Canada and the US since it obtains more and more popularity as a culinary spice (quite widely used in Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines). In some nations, perilla oil is also used for cooking. Seeds and leaves of the herb are used for producing perilla oil by steam distillation, and many alternative medicine promoters recommend using this natural product for a variety of health conditions. (more…)

Pine Flower Essence

Pine FlowerHealing herbs, known also as 38 Flower Essences created Dr. Edward Bach and widely promoted by his numerous followers, are truly amazing natural remedies with almost a century of history. They were created as new natural remedies to treat mental and psychological conditions, and as a natural help to achieve spiritual balance and stability. Flower essences of Dr. Bach can be used to boost feelings of positivism and optimism, restore and boost energy for life, get rid of bad feelings of sorrow, guilt, jealousy, increased sensitivity, mental stress, sleep disorders, or depression, boost self-confidence and self-esteem, and assist in achieving success in life. Flower essences are truly unique herbal remedies free from side effects which can be recommended to everyone to treat a variety of health conditions, as well as support and bring relief from any kind of psychological burden. (more…)