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Vine Flower Essence

Healing HerbsBach flower essences are known as divine remedies for all of those who need a little support of our Mother Nature in their hard days of emotional stresses and psychological problems. Known also as healing herbs, flower essences have amazing effects and can play a role of absolutely unique natural solutions for a variety of emotional problems, starting from sadness and ending up with severe stresses. There are 38 original Bach flower essences which were created and promoted by Dr Edward Bach, one of the most prominent and influential herbalists and naturopaths in the whole history of alternative medicine. Vine Flower Essence is harvested from Vitis vinifera and can assist in balancing our life and emotions. (more…)

Salvia Root Extract

Salvia Root Extract BenefitsSalvia miltiorrhiza is one of the basic herbs used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine and known among Chinese herbalists as Dan shen. In Europe, Salvia¬†miltiorrhiza is sometimes referred to as Chinese sage or red sage. This is a perennial plant which is very highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its roots. This natural remedy available in the forms of powder or salvia root extract which can be purchased online by every one of us. Health benefits of salvia root extract cover a vast variety of therapeutic properties and healing actions of this herb. Many botanists and herbalists were noticing that Salvia miltiorrheza is in many ways similar to common sage (Salvia officinalis), but salvia miltiorrhiza and salvia root extract benefits are considered more effective, especially for those who suffer from serious cardiovascular health problems. (more…)

Passion Flower Tea

Health Benefits Of Passion Flower TeaPassion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) is a plant which produces definitely one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. This is a herbaceous climbing plant that blossoms in summer with a big yellow, violet and white flowers. The plant received its name in the 16th century from a Spanish herbalist and doctor, exactly for its beautiful blossoms. But in some localities in the Southeast of the United States, passion flower is called maypop or maracuja. Therapeutic properties and health benefits of passion flower tea or other preparations have been known and used for many years. This amazing natural remedy can assist in treating and preventing a great number or ailments and health conditions, at that allowing to avoid serious unwanted side effects and health risks. (more…)

Tarragon Essential Oil

Benefits Of Tarragon OilTarragon essential oil is one of the most aromatic and refreshing oils widely used in aromatherapy and alternative medicine. This oil is extracted from leaves of tarragon (Artemisia Dracunculus), a bushy plant that grows in Asia, North America and Europe. The name of tarragon was derived from “a little dragon”. Tarragon oil benefits have been known for centuries and in the Middle East this natural product has been used as an effective insecticide, appetite stimulant, refreshing and deodorizing agent. It is a known remedy for snake bite and toothache. Along with dried tarragon leaves, it is possible to use tarragon essential oil for culinary purposes, especially for making sauces or salad dressing, spicing chicken meat or various fruit desserts and beverages, etc. (more…)

Wild Oat Flower Essence

Wild OatHealing Herbs of Dr. Edward Bach are very well known miraculous herbal remedies which were designed as magic flower essences to support our mental and psychological health, assist us in getting rid of all negative emotions and feelings, as well as boost everything positive and optimistic in our life. There are 38 flower essences found and created by Dr. Edward Bach, a prominent nathuropath, health care enthusiast and herbalist of the previous century, to help people overcome difficulties, find own place in this life and simply be happier! Wild oat flower essence is one of those amazing natural remedies which has been serving great to many people for over hundred years. (more…)