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Hawthorn Leaf Extract

Health Benefits Of Hawthorn Leaf ExtractHawthorn Leaf Extract is one of those herbal remedies which recently received a huge popularity as a great natural support to cardiovascular health. This herbal extract is received from the leaves of Hawthorn tree (Crataegus pinnatifida), the type of extraction used in the most cases is usual solvent extraction. Packed with numerous nutrients, minerals and healthy natural compounds, this extract is available in liquid form, as well as in the forms of powder, pills and capsules to be used as a dietary supplement. There is a great variety of reputable manufacturers in the market, who offer their natural hawthorn leaf extracts for everyone who want to enjoy the benefits of this product. (more…)

Pygeum Bark Tea

Health Benefits of Pygeum Bark TeaPygeum tree (Pygeum Africanum) is an African evergreen plum tree that can be found in south and central Africa. Pygeum tree fruits are used by African population as food, and pygeum tree bark is used for preparing extracts, infusion, powder, and other natural solutions. The bark of this tree has been known for its therapeutic properties of many centuries, and the indigenous population use pygeum bark tea as an aphrodisiac. It could help to combat sexual dysfunction like decreased libido or chronic problems with prostate in men. Several dacades ago, a group of scientists¬† at the U.S. National Institutes of Health carried out and extensive study of this natural remedy and discovered a great deal of health benefits of pygeum bark tea and other preparations. (more…)

Rosewood Essential Oil

Health Benefits Of Rosewood OilRosewood essential oil is one of the herbal remedies known for its special and uplifting aroma. This natural product is extracted from rosewood plant (Aniba rosaeodora) that grows mainly in Brazil and South America, and the method of extraction is based on steam distillation from the wood chips. Rosewood essential oil has spicy and somehow tea-like aroma, a little floral and very pleasant. There are numerous health benefits of rosewood oil, which have been known and used for centuries to heal a great variety of illnesses and diseases, starting from frigidity and depression and ending up with skin problems. (more…)

Mimulus Flower Essence

Mimulus Flower EssenceBach’s flower essences are divine gifts given us by our Mother Nature. Dr Bach used 38 plants known as ‘healing herbs’ in order to create his miracles of herbal medicine, and give millions of people hope for magic healing from the problems which could not be healed by using usual herbal remedies or traditional natural formulas. Flower essences are absolutely unique homeopathic remedies which are extremely popular around the globe. Mimulus Flower Essence is one of these amazing herbal treatments by Dr Bach’s, one of the basic remedies for negative emotions and fears. (more…)