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Capsicum Extract Benefits

Health Benefits Of CapsicumCapsicum extract is one of the most known herbal extracts which is produced from Capsicum annuum, or Capsicum baccatum, known as African Bird Pepper, African Pepper, Cayenne, Cayenne Pepper, Chili, or with other names. The extract is produced from the fruit of the herb, and the use of cayenne pepper dates back for thousands of years. There is a large list of aliments and illnesses which can be cured or relieved by using this effective herbal remedy. In addition, Capsicum extract benefits can be used not only in pharmaceutical field, but also in cosmetics and even in culinary. (more…)

Psyllium Herbal Tea

Psyllium Herbal TeaPsyllium Herbal Tea is one of the most commonly used herbal preparations made from husks, and rarely leaves and flowers, of Psyllium plant (known also as Ispaghula). Psyllium plant grows throughout southern areas of the planet (including the southwestern United States) and plays a great role as a medicinal herb in folk medicines of many Asian nations, including Traditional Chinese medicine and Indian medical practices. Health benefits of psyllium tea can be used to treat a great deal of health conditions, starting from increased levels of cholesterol in blood and obesity, and ending up with preventing several types of cancer. (more…)

Angelica Essential Oil

health benefits of angelica oilAngelica Essential Oil is a common natural extract distilled from the roots (sometimes also from leaves, stems and seeds) of Angelica archangelica or Angelica officinalis. This oil is widely used in many northern countries like North Ireland, Iceland, Scandinavian nations, Russia, and so on. It is produced by steam distillation, has quite strong woody, spicy and refreshing aroma, and this oil has a property to get darkened with time. Historically, this oil was very effectively used in the Medieval ages to treat and prevent bubonic plague. Therefore, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial health benefits of angelica oil have been known for many centuries. (more…)

Scleranthus Flower Essence

scleranthusScleranthus Flower Essence is made from the morning dew collected from the petals and leaves of Scleranthus (Scleranthus annuus). This flower essence is an effective herbal remedy for those who suffer from chronic confusion, hesitation, inability to make the right decision, and especially inability to choose one from several options. Duality surrounds our life and our existence, and those who are getting lost in the variety and multitude of chose can use this helping hand of our Mother nature, Scleranthus flower essence. (more…)