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Oakmoss Essential Oil

Oakmoss Oil BenefitsOakmoss essential oil is a natural product with a great deal of therapeutic properties and healing actions. It is extracted from green moss or lichen known as Evernia Prunastri, which can be found mainly growing on oak trees (sometimes on other trees, too). Oak trees are very common plants growing all around North America and Europe, therefore, oakmoss is also quite common. The best quality oakmoss essential oil is produced in France, the US and Bulgaria. The method used for essential oil extraction is usually solvent extraction followed by vacuum distillation. (more…)

Agrimony Flower Essence

AgrimonyAgrimony Flower Essence is one of the famous Bach flower essences. It can be used to achieve inner peace and balance, to get rid of emotional pain and heal our souls from melancholy. It is a perfect herbal remedy for those people who are extra sensitive and crave for inner harmony and peace. These people could have been brought up in strict environment, and not allowed to expressed their emotions and feelings. That is how their expression of emotional or inner truth could be impaired, and people could have got disconnected from their inner self, have problems with accepting their uniqueness and special feelings, and practice hiding their pain and sorrow behind a cheerful smile. (more…)

Essiac Tea Benefits

Essiac Tea BenefitsEssiac tea is quite a common herbal infusion known and widely used in Canada and the US. This herbal tea is actually a blend of several medicinal herbs which was created and promoted by Canadian physicians. Primarily, the formula contained such elements as burdock root, sheep sorrel, rhubarb root and slippery elm bark. However, later on, four more herbal remedies, namely watercress, red clover, kelp and blessed thistle were also added to the blend to receive the most common formula of essiac tea. It is now widely recommended by many Canadian nurses and physicians, and many studies and researches have proven numerous valuable therapeutic powers and health benefits of essiac tea. (more…)

Stevia Herbal Extract

Side Effects Of SteviaStevia herbal extract is one of the most common herbal preparations extracted from well-known Stevia plant (Stevia rebaudiana), or sweetleaf. This plant is native to tropical areas of South and North America, and it has gained a great fame around the globe as a source of stevia extract, an excellent natural sweetener. Due to an abundance of steviol glycoside in this herb, stevia extract is considered approximately 300 timer sweeter and more effective than white sugar, that is why nowadays, this natural sweetener is in a great demand as a super alternative for low-sugar foods. (more…)

Lemon Essential Oil

Health Benefits Of Lemon OilLemon Essential Oil is sometimes referred to as cedro oil. It is extracted by cold pressure from citrus lemon, namely its peels and seeds. Lemon essential oil has very strong and fresh aroma, it is a watery liquid of slightly greenish color. It is widely¬† used in cosmetics and aromatherapy as one of the basic essential oils, and health benefits of lemon oil include its effectiveness for treating a lot of diseases and ailments, starting from arthritis and gout and ending up with cellulite and other skin conditions. It also plays a role as a culinary ingredient and sometimes used for enhancing the flavor of the foods. (more…)