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Oak Flower Essence

Oak flower essence is received from the morning dew of Quercus robur, huge trees which are around us and are a part of almost every landscape of Europe or North America. We use their wood to build houses and boats, to keep our fire burning and keep our houses warm. Oaks are strong and give us strength, that is why oak flower essence is a perfect supportive remedy for those who like working hard and living this life to its fullest. Oaks can give us strength for helping others and when we’re on the edge. It is one of the most unique herbal remedies which can give us courage and power, perseverance and hope. (more…)

Echinacea Herbal Tea

health benefits of echinacea teaEchinacea herbal tea is one of the most commonly used herbal infusions around the world. It is made from the flowering parts and young leaves of the herb echinacea (Rudbeckia purperea), which grows throughout the regions of Eastern and Central North America. This medicinal herb has been used for centuries in folk medicines of many nations for a great deal of health conditions: against colds and bronchitis, against allergies, infections, as a lymphatic system booster, and so on. Echinacea is usually used in the form of herbal infusion (tea), however, nowadays there’s a great variety of capsules and special natural supplements with this natural remedy. (more…)

Juniper Berry Extract

Health Benefits Of Juniper Berry ExtractJuniper berry extract is one of the popular and unique herbal remedies which is widely used around the world for its numerous therapeutic effects and healing actions. Produced from dark-blue or purple aromatic fruits of evergreen plant Juniperus communis growing in warm regions of the Northern Hemisphere, juniper berry extract is used to treat infections and various stomach disorders. Health benefits of juniper berry extract, juniper essential oil, infusion, capsules, and other products of this unique plant have been known for many centuries, since the times of ancient European empires and the epochs of ancient American settlements. (more…)

Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil BenefitsApricot Kernel Oil is a light yellow oily liquid received from soft inner tissues of apricot (Prunus armeniaca) kernel by cold pressing and refining. Soft and odorless, this oil has been used for centuries by the representatives of many cultures throughout the world. Originated from East and South Asia, this oil is one of the softest and safest among the essential oils, that is why it can be used to treat and soften even baby’s skin. Along with almond oil, this natural product can be used for a variety of skin problems, and apricot kernel oil benefits for skin are almost endless. (more…)