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Rock Rose Flower Essence

rock roseRock rose flower essence is a special remedy created to help those people who are facing great challenges in their lives. This is a natural support to boost own self-belief, courage and inner strength. This remedy is reported to assist those people who find themselves in fears and terror (including the most terrible situations when they feel fear of death and always anticipate something terrible to happen), whose soul is suffering and is ready to go out of their body to search for ways to survive in this cruelty of life. Also, rock rose flower essence can help restore a person’s mind after a very serious stress and shock like an attack, an accident, a natural catastrophe, sudden bad news and so on. (more…)

Milk Thistle Herbal Tea

milk thistle tea benefitsMilk Thistle (Silybum Adans.) is a flowering perennial plant native to the Mediterranean regions, the Middle East and Western Europe, which also grows throughout North America. Tall thistle-like flowers of this plant, varying in color from light pink to darkĀ  purple, can be easily spotted on the fields and in the valleys in all geographical areas with moderate climate. It received its nickname “milky” thistle because its leaves contain a sort of white sap, pretty mush resembling milk. Traditionally, milk thistle herbal tea has been used to prevent liver diseases and improve detoxification, and health benefits of milk thistle tea are expanding with new studies and researches. (more…)

Damiana Herbal Extract

Damiana ExtractDamiana (Turnera diffusa or Turnera aphrodisiaca) is one of the old herbal remedies which has been used since early times as a great sexuality tonic. Excellent aphrodisiac properties of this perennial herb were well known throughout the world, from Nigerian deserts to Mexican valleys and California beaches. It is a herb with very strong fragrance, dark green leaves and small yellow flowers. The plant growth in almost every area with humid and hot climate, and is harvested for making a special damiana herbal extract, which can be used for various purposes. (more…)

Patchouli Essential Oil

health benefits of patchouli oilPatchouli Essential Oil is a natural product received by steam distillation from the leaves and branches of Patchouli plant (Pogostemon cablin). This tropic plant is cultivated in South Asia, the countries like Malaysia, India, Java islands, and so on. Patchouli oil has very distinctive, earthy, deep and very strong aroma, which reminds many people about ancient history and odors from the Far East. Health benefits of patchouli oil are numerous, and this natural extract has been used for many centuries in alternative medicine, aromatherapy, cosmetology, perfumery, for production of household necessities, and so on. (more…)