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Clematis Flower Essence

clematisClematis flower essence (Clematis vitalba) is known as a ‘dreamy’ essence which is recommended to those who have a lack of interest in the flow of their daily life. It was created for those who have a rich and very colorful inner world, for people with good imagination and abilities to visualize their dreams, however not much interested in physical world around them. This important flower essence is one of the basic essences among the Bach’s line, which has amazing natural properties to wake up an individual’s mind for making better evaluation of the present situation and receiving a better picture of his or her own actions. (more…)

Health Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

rooibos tea benefitsRooibos tea is considered among the healthiest and the most useful herbal teas on earth. Also known as red bush tea, this natural beverage highly valued for being caffeine-free and packed with unique potent antioxidants. This tea comes from hot African lands where rooibos bushes are cultivated. The finest Rooibos tea is produced in South Africa and is a really great thirst-quencher. Due to the fact that it is usually free of all possible additives, colorants and preservatives, therapeutic actions of this miraculous herbal tea are very powerful, and health benefits of rooibos tea are really numerous. (more…)

Ginkgo Biloba Extract

Ginkgo BilobaGinkgo Biloba Extract is a very popular herbal remedy to support our cognitive functions and improve the memory. This natural product is received from the leaves of the Ginkgo tree, a huge plant which grows mainly in the Southern regions, especially China, Korea, Japan, some countries of South America and so on. Ginkgo boliba extract is known and very highly valued around the world for its numerous therapeutic properties and healing actions, which involve preventing and curing a number of serious health conditions. Anti-cancer action and cardiovascular support are undoubtedly the main beneficial effects of this natural product. (more…)

Jojoba Essential Oil

jojoba oil benefitsJojoba essential oil is a very valuable natural extract received by steam distillation from the seeds of jojoba tree (Simmodsia chinensis). This oil is a smooth light slightly yellowish liquid that plays a leading role in modern natural cosmetics and is widely used for skin care, hair care and other purposes. Due to such properties of jojoba essential oil as very low toxicity, as well as the absence of too strong odor and color, this natural extract is very often used as a base carrier oil for special natural cosmetic products and herbal preparations for skin care. (more…)

Aspen Flower Essence

AspenAspen flower essence (Populus tremula) is one of the key natural products of the essences created by Dr. E. Bach in early 1930s. The Aspen is a tallĀ  tree with rounded dark green leaves and beautiful light silver bark which grows throughout Europe and the US. Aspen flower essence is linked to fears and all related health conditions. Bach recommended this remedy to heal nightmares, hidden and chronic fears, a fear of unknown, all types of anxiety and worries of unclear nature. (more…)