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Rosehip Tea Benefits

rosehip tea benefitsRosehips are the fruit of the wild rose plant (Rosa rugosa) which are very often used for treatment and prevention of many common diseases and ailments.  Along with the fruits, such parts of the plant as leaves and flowers can be used to prepare tea and enjoy healing effects of this natural remedy. However, rosehip tea benefits are the most known around the globe, being mainly attributed to a very high content of vitamin C in these fruits compared even to famous vitamin C “champions” – citrus fruits. That is why this tea is considered among the best natural immune system boosters and one of the best known energizing herbal teas which can be safely used by everyone. (more…)

Saw Palmetto Extract

saw palmettoSaw Palmetto extract is one of the most known herbal extracts with has a good number of therapeutic powers and uses. It is a dark oily liquid with quite strong aroma which is received from fruits of saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) and can be further used for capsules, tablets or other products. Saw palmetto grows in southern regions of the US, namely in Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and other states. This plant is very rich in phytosterols and fatty acids, it has very potent healing powers and for many years it has been a subject of numerous researches and studies, mostly for its strong effects as a remedy for hair loss prevention and as an effective natural treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia. (more…)

Almond Essential Oil

almond oil benefitsAlmond essential oil is received by steam distillation from bitter almond kernel (Amygdalus Communis var. Amara). It plays an important role in aromatherapy and has wide use in cosmetics. In particular, being a less expensive alternative to high quality olive oil, almond essential oil is very often used for skin care and hair care, and it can be used as a base oil for many massage blends. Almond oi can be perfectly blend with jojoba essential oil, orange essential oil, avocado essential oil, apricot kernel essential oil and other essential oils and herbal extracts. (more…)

Walnut Flower Essence

WalnutWalnut Flower Essence (Juglans regia) is a very special essence which is known as an essence of transitions.  Walnut is a plant which is known in association with protecting powers against unwanted effects, influences and outcomes related to changes, transformations and transitions in life. That is why this flower essence is suggested to ease mental and psychological condition of everyone who is in a phase of changes like moving out, ending up a relationship or changing a job, etc. (more…)