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Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood OilSandalwood essential oil is diluted from sandal tree (Santalum album), an evergreen tall tree with tiny purple-pink flowers and slim branches, native to Asia. The oil is commonly received by steam distillation and both its consistency and aroma are medium. Sandalwood oil has a little sweet delicate floral fragrance.  In the epoch of Ancient Egypt this oil was used for embalming, and for centuries sandalwood oil has been widely used for perfumery and aromatherapy. (more…)

Artichoke Herbal Tea

artichoke teaArtichoke herbal tea is one of the most popular herbal beverages in modern Vietnam, China and other countries of the Far East, but nowadays it is possible to buy this unique delicious herbal tea online even for the customers located in Europe and the US. Artichoke tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea with slightly sweet taste and very smooth flavor. This herbal tea has a unique pleasant aroma and when consumed cold, it turns into a refreshing and energizing health-promoting drink which can be very useful to anyone. (more…)

Aromatherapy Skin Care

Skin CareEvery woman dreams about having glowing, smooth and youthful skin. However, numerous internal and external negative factors, such as worries and stresses, various diseases and ailments, bad eating habits, a lack of exercise, hormonal shifts, climatic changes, environmental pollution and many others, cause our skin to become itchy, dehydrated and damaged. Fortunately, aromatherapy skin care can help all of us to improve skin quality and make it look more attractive and fresh. (more…)

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary OilRosemary essential oil is steam distilled clear yellowish oil of quite thin consistency and moderate fragrance intensity. It is distilled from the rosemary plant (Rosmarinus officinalis), a Mediterranean herb which has medicinal and culinary purposes. For centuries, the rosemary plant pale blue flowers, dark green rigid leaves and stems have been used for oil production and various therapeutic properties. (more…)

Arometharapy Massage

Aromatherapy EssencesAromatherapy massage is a type of manual therapy which involves using essential oils, aromatherapy essences and extracts, along with special massage oils and lotions based on 100% natural organic herbal materials. It is one of the most common and demanded procedures in modern spa. Therapists recommend aromatherapy massages very frequently, because herbal essences and essential oils used for such massages have numerous therapeutic effects and healing properties. (more…)

Lavender Extract and Lavender Oil

Lavender OilLavender extract is quite a popular herbal remedy derived from the flowers of Lavandula officinalis. Lavender extract has been used for centuries as an effective natural cleansing agent, anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient. Usually, the finest and the highest quality lavender extracts contain water, alcohol and the purest Lavender oil. Such extracts are very versatile and can be used with a great variety of purposes, from therapeutic to culinary. (more…)

Herbals Extracts vs Herbal Teas

As a matter of fact, both herbal teas and herbal extracts are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and other alternative approaches. They help to fight many common health problems and diseases, especially in a long-term perspective. Herbal essences and extracts can play a role of effective natural remedies to maintain our good health and maximize our physical condition for many years. At the same time, most herbal teas have excellent effects on our cognitive abilities and nerve system: some can help us calm down and relax, and some can make it easy for us to get focused. (more…)

Herbal Extracts And Essences: The Basics

Herbal ExtractsModern epoch brings us more and more of public health challenges caused by genetic mutations, unwanted side effects of developing technologies and changes in our lifestyle. It is difficult to admit but in our times, such serious and diseases as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and strike younger people. If only several decades ago it was common for the most heart surgeons to operate the patients between ages 50 and 60, nowadays the age of those who need heart surgery fluctuates between 40 and 55. This tendency overwhelms world’s health care system and makes the world’s leading medical specialists look for alternative solutions which could save the situation in public health care. (more…)